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Essential oil blends

Here are just a few blends which may come to help you with some common problems. This is by no means a comprehensive list, and many further options are available to you. Please feel free to contact me for further details.

Magic Oasis

2 drops soothing frankincense
1 drop Neroli
3 drops Orange
As above dilute with carrier oil

Confidence Boost

2 drops of Jasmine
4 drops of Cypress
3 drops of Orange
As above dilute with carrier oil

Frustrated and irritable

Orange 2 drops
Bergamot 2 drops
Roman Chamomile 2 drops
Blend as above

Tense and exhuasted

Clary Sage 3 drops
Cypress 2 drops
Lavender 1 drop
Blend with carrier oils
Caution: When using Clary Sage do not take alcohol as the
combination can give extreme nightmares and may induce a
narcotic effect and exaggerate drunkenness!

Aromatic salt bath

200g Dead Sea Salts
2 drops of Geranium
2 drops of Juniper
2 drops of Scots Pine.
Add Dead Sea salts whilst water is running
– add essential oils
– swirl around to disperse.


4 drops of Lavender
2 drops Roman Chamomile
2 drops of Neroli
Blend with 20 mls of carrier oils.


Rosewood 2 drops
Mandarin 2 drops
Sandalwood 2 drops
Blend with carrier oils.

Back pain

3 drops of Juniper
2 drops of Eucalyptus
2 drops of German Chamomile.
See above for advice re Juniper
Blend with carrier oil and Calendula


Lavender 3 drops
Roman Chamomile 1 drop
Sweet Marjoram 1 drop
Blend with 20ml of Carrier oil.
A very relaxing blend to help ease pain and discomfort.

To aid pain relief use ice pack.
Place towel on back first and apply ice pack.
Followed by warm towels or wheat bag (warmed in microwave).


2 drops each Juniper, Black Pepper, Rosemary.
Blended with carrier oil and 5ml of calendula oil.
Seek advice from qualified Aromatherapist if taking medication,
or suffering from high blood pressure.
Black pepper can cause skin irritation to sensitive skin.
Rosemary not to be used by people who suffer from epilepsy.
Juniper not to be used by those who suffer from kidney problems.

Relaxing, uplifting blend

Neroli (Orange Blossom) 2 drops
Cypress 3 drops
Lemon 2 drops
Blended with 20 mls of carrier oil such as
Sweet Almond, Grapeseed.
Add 5 mls of Avocado for dry skin or Calendula (Marigold)
A very useful anti-inflammatory oil.
Lemon may irritate sensitive skin.

Mood swings

Geranium 2 drops
Rose 2 drops
Bergamot or Orange 2 drops
Blend with carrier oils.

Mental fatigue

Lemongrass 1 drop
Rose 1 drop
Sandalwood 3 drops or 1 drop of Rosemary
Blend with carrier oils.

Panic attacks

Neroli 1 drop or Rose
Frankincense 2 drops (this helps slow the breathing down)
Lavender 1 drop or Ylang ylang
Blend with carrier oils

Relief from Fear

Rose 2 drops
Roman Chamomile 2 drops
Petitgrain 1 drop
Blend with 20 mls of carrier oil.

Treating uncertainty

Geranium 2 drops
2 drops of Vetivert
1 drop of Rose
Repeat as above with carrier oil

More information

Please email me if you wish any advice or would like to see more information about essential oils.

There are many more blends. Let me know if you require any assistance with choosing your essential oils.

I would appreciate any feedback from the Oil Recipes I have listed. I hope to adjust and change the recipes during the year.

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